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April 29, 2010

Getting Ready for the 2010 WSOP

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Getting Ready for 2010 WSOP

It’s just about that time again, the one we dream of every year, the 2010 World Series of Poker!  Every year I tell myself the same thing right about March, I’m going to start my regime to get healthy, work on my stamina, sleep right, work on my game non-stop and win as much money as possible to play many events.  Well, here it is almost May and I have three out of five of these under control!

For the past year I’ve been taking better care of myself health wise, well, because I had too.  Neglecting one’s health is not smart, and I found that out the hard way, but I am on the mend and feeling pretty darn smart!

I’ve stepped up my efforts to improve my game by adhering to TheMaven’s training and poker method.  This tool has proven to be the most valuable in my toolbox in the history of my poker playing.  My excitement has no bounds for what I might accomplish at this year’s WSOP.   In order to create my optimum playing machine, I decided to improve my poker mindset as well.  Body and mind working in sync is most important to create good results.  I have hired a life coach to fine tune my focus and concentration and am seeing results after only a few sessions.  Poker has changed so much in the past five years, it’s gone deep into a thinking game and has see a huge growth in great players.  You need as many weapons as possible in your arsenal to be a contender; it’s just gone way over the top of anyone’s expectations.

Lastly, I have been silently squirreling away my bucks for my WSOP bankroll.  It’s more than I ever would have dreamed I could have in preparation for this year’s events.  PokerStars has been the source of most of my winnings, though Aria poker room has been a big contributor as well.  I’m actually looking forward to playing the ladies WSOP event this year as I’ve won one seat already and have a tournament coming up in the Pink Ladies Championship to win another.  Of course the mother of all events, THE MAIN EVENT is my first goal and biggest priority.  While I do have the buy-in for this event, it would feel so much better and most like an accomplished goal to win my way into this event.  I’m sure I’m playing around six or seven events this year, but I will do so as I feel I am physically and mentally ready each day.  I won’t push myself when I don’t have the correct focus or am just too tired from previous day’s activities.

Three out of five of my preparation goals aren’t too bad; I have time to work on the other two.  It’s my belief that a healthy body and mind will support better sleep habits and the stamina will follow.  I’m a working project in progress and I will not give up.  These goals are mine to reach and I will reach them with my determination and courage.  Good luck me, and good luck to you if you’re at my table; because you’re going to need it!!


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