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May 19, 2010

Sam Chauhan – Minds Power Unleashed, Book Review-Part 1

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I met Sam Chauhan last week in Reno at the Jennifer Harman charity tournament.  The first night’s event was a mixer cocktail party for players, sponsors, pro’s and industry people to relax and network if that’s your thing.  I actually was trying to make my way to the exit towards the end of the evening, when I bumped into Sam.  I introduced myself and began talking about his book which I had just started reading.  He was very congenial and asked my impressions thus far.  We spoke for a bit and I told him I would be doing a book review for my blog network and would welcome his comments. 

So Sam, here is my first review, part one.

If you don’t know who Sam Chauhan is, you haven’t been keeping up on your poker intel.  Sam has gained popularity among some of the highest level poker players in the industry as a life coach and poker guru.  Some of his clientele includes Phil Hellmuth, Antonia Esfandari, Gavin Smith, David Williams and Paul Wasica.  Most will testify the great change Sam has helped them to make in their lives, even to the point of financial, health and personal gain.

Sam Chauhan has a way with words, and when you begin reading his book, Minds Power Unleashed, you will be happy to enjoy this very easy read.  The very simplest of thoughts and phrases never meant so much as too read it in the context that Sam communicates it in.   Sam uses a technique known as Neurolinguistic Programming.  These tools are used to improve or change beliefs patterns and communication effectiveness with yourself and others.  This may sound a little psycho analysis, and it probably is.  But once you read in depth about this method of change you will see the simplicity of the method.

I’m finding myself in every single chapter of this book.  My thought patterns and beliefs as taught to me in childhood are identified as some of the very elements of my life that are holding me back from making the positive changes that will bring me a happier successful life.  The changes you must make are often simple but difficult.  You require explanation for every change you make.  Why should I eat healthier?  Why should I exercise?  Why should I apologize?  The answers are simple, to lose weight and feel better about myself, to promote a healthier running body, to be a forgiving and understanding person.  The motivation is there, but what promotes the motivation to make these changes?  Sam delves into a deeper meaning of promoting change, such as positive affirmations.  Vocabulary becomes a huge tool in your own thought processes.  Do you use positive words?  I “can”, I “will”, I “must”.  Often we use negative words in general conversation, its natural.  So we “must” make the change to become positive in every way of our lives if that is what you desire.  Kick out the negative and bring on the positive!!

Something I’ve heard before but I guess never really sunk into my thick skull, it that there are NO failures, only life lessons.  All of us complain about how something went south on us, or something went wrong unexpectantly.  But do you ever say, “Hey, that’s life, I learned something, I won’t do it again, and life goes on”.  I seldom have felt that way or said that, until now.  I am making this change.  Failure is a thing of past for me.

In the book Sam encourages you to actually participate in taking steps to making positive changes.  I saw an opportunity to put these exercises to the test, so I am using these tools every day with great expectation of a positive outlook.

My first list consists of disempowering beliefs versus my list of empowering beliefs.  I read the empowering list aloud to myself ever morning.  It’s like changing the familiar road I drive to the grocery store every morning.  Now I drive a different way and it feels good.

Do you talk to yourself?  Of course you do!  Everyone does, and if you deny it you’re only hurting yourself.  Sam takes you down that road of communicating correctly within yourself.  Sounds deep huh? It’s not really, like me you probably haven’t taken the time to really analyze how you treat yourself.  As I read this particular chapter, I began thinking I never talk to myself in a affirmative way.  What I mean is I don’t use the proper positive vocabulary in order to drive myself to make my thoughts, beliefs and patterns to have a positive outcome.  Power vocabulary is a huge tool in this method of improving yourself.

Where does your conscience and unconscious mind come into this whole picture?  Something I never knew, your unconscious mind does not process negatives, and it processes every thought as a positive.  This becomes an imbedded pattern you now must overcome.  Keeping a positive communication with you redirects those patterns down a good path and away from the negative.  Reprogramming your unconscious mind is a task that takes practice, after all, I’m an adult who has been on life’s path for a very long time, and change doesn’t happen overnight, but it does and will happen if I want it too.

This blog cover through chapter five.  Next week I will pick this up with a review of my progress and what is next to come.



  1. This is very interesting to me. It’s kinda like the book “the secret”
    We all say we “try” to be positive, but we forget and back-slide. It would be nice if we had a coach to remind us to think positive, take care of ourselves and help us along the way.
    I’ll have to look for the book. Great blog, Tina.

    Comment by kathy — May 20, 2010 @ 12:24 pm | Reply

    • Have you found the book at local bookstores or any major stores that carry it? I cannot seem to find it locally?

      Comment by Sherry — June 17, 2010 @ 7:04 am | Reply

      • I ordered mine from, I am not aware if it is available in local book stores. Sam also has copies that I think you can order via his website.

        Comment by survivor01 — June 17, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

      • Order it thru

        Comment by Tina — July 18, 2010 @ 7:53 pm

  2. You write very well. I enjoyed reading your blog about the book. Can’t wait to read the book. Thank you.

    Comment by Donna — July 17, 2010 @ 9:05 pm | Reply

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