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March 1, 2011

I want to be the Person my Dog Thinks I am! And how Sam Chauhan has influence my Life

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In this journey of re-creating myself, I’ve expanded on many things in my life and one of those activities includes supporting something very emotionally close to my heart, dog rescue. Steve and I began participating in a Papillon rescue group a couple of years ago, and it has been one of the most rewarding things we could have ever done. The feeling of giving a discarded and neglected pup a second chance in life is like winning the lottery. The other day I was visiting with a friend and in this conversation the phrase “I want to be the person my dog thinks I am” came up. It was so profound, I never forgot it. When I came home and was greeted by all three of our “girls” with barks, kisses and adoring looks that phrase came to a full realization, these little fur balls actually think I am the center of their world. I am their security, trust, the person they hold responsible for their well-being and most of all the holder of their unconditional love. Is there a better feeling anywhere?
So on this journey of life changes, it is my deepest hope I can live up to being “the person my dogs think I am” and maybe even surpass their expectations as well as my own.

How Sam Chauhan has influenced my life

Have you ever met someone and just knew they were going to be trouble? Maybe you’ve met someone for the first time and just knew they were going to be your best friend for life. Intuition is a great feeling when it works for you in a positive way, and that’s what happened to me when I first met Sam Chauhan.
A year ago in Reno I walked up to Sam Chauhan, introduced myself and promptly told him I had read his book The Minds Power Unleashed and there would be a book review published very soon. I was very impressed with its simplistic reading and common sense understanding. There was something about this guy that seemed familiar yet he was a stranger. I walked away after a short conversation and thought that was probably the last time I would have any interaction with this guy as I could never afford his fees for mindset coaching, yet I set it to the back of my mind not quite ready to dismiss him all together.
After my nice run in the 2010 WSOP main event with a life coach in tow, I found myself thinking about Sam Chauhan’s mindset book once again. I had loaned out the book to a friend so picking it back up to review my thoughts was not a convenient option. I was talking to my friend Debbie Burkhead regarding her upcoming poker cruise and suggested that Sam Chauhan might be an interesting addition to her series of poker seminars that were to take place on the first poker cruise. She agreed the interest in Sam and his coaching methods were cutting edge and the interest from poker players was high, so he was added to the poker cruise, and I was going to get my chance to really hear and learn from a proven poker mindset coach that had first peaked my interest over a year ago and I had never lost my curiosity about.
Once the cruise was underway, Sam appeared in the poker room almost immediately making his rounds meeting cruiser-players and mingling in games. My curiosity lead me to pursue several conversations with Sam as well as a few pots on a 2/5 NL cash game. When the time came for Sam’s seminar, the room was full! Nearly every single player showed up to hear this mindset coach and what he could do for their game, myself included. While Sam’s presentation was way more than I expected it to be, I knew he had a full tool box of challenges and secrets still to be unveiled. His enthusiasm and “tip of the iceberg” deliverance of how to improve your poker game was so enticing, but how to get to be a student of this widely popular Poker Mindset Guru was beyond me. I certainly was not the caliber player of Antonio Esfardari or Phil Hellmuth, so how was my level of player able to afford the Cadillac of poker coaches? Call it luck or call it destiny, I was among many players at that seminar that were invited to fill out a questionnaire to be among the chosen to try a group coaching session to last six months for a very reasonable fee. I of course jumped to be the first one to fill out the chance to experience something I believed would not happen for me. Myself, and four other lucky players were chosen to participate! I am now in my fourth month of coaching within this group and it has been a fantastic ride. Sam’s no-nonsensical exercises and methods to improve on positive thought patterns and breaking negative patterns and actions have far reaching results in my poker as well as my personal life.
Having this unique opportunity to be a part of Sam Chauhan’s coaching gallery has also afforded me another opportunity as a Mindset student. Last weekend I was one of eleven students to participate in Sam’s Mindset Instructors Academy. Although I have no interest in becoming a Mindset coach, I saw this clinic as a way to improve myself and apply the knowledge in other facets of my life. The learning experience was golden and the interaction within the eclectic group of students was fantastic. I rarely meet a stranger and as luck would have it, I made ten new friends that weekend as well as soaking up all that Sam had to offer in this study of human nature.
The Mindset Instructors Academy was three short days from 9am to 5pm each day. On day three I remarked to Sam that I really felt strongly that this clinic could have continued on for another two or three days as all the material was so interesting and interlocked with many other avenues of interest, there just wasn’t enough time to learn and experience it all. Just to entertain your curiosity regarding the agenda of this clinic I am listing a few topics of interest.
Understanding the conscious and subconscious mind
Decision making and understanding the processes
Priorities, how you make them and hold them
Power of vocabulary, powerful words and words of persuasion
SPL or Subliminal Persuasive Linguistics
Turning negative patterns to positive (Anchors) goals
Breaking Habits
There is so much more I could list but as a consideration to Sam I will not put his entire program on my blog! I will say emphatically if you ever have a chance to attend one of Sam Chauhans coaching groups or seminars do not pass up the opportunity. I am taking what I’ve learned and applying it to my life which yes, does reach my poker game. In addition to applying the many strategies, methods and teachings I have acquired, I am adding yet another tool to my tool box, Reiki. More on this as I experience this ancient Japanese practice to inter peace, balance and higher understanding.
A healthy body and a healthy mind can do wonders; setting goals and reaching them are life changing.


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  1. you are a evolving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoB

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